Love Story: Grace and Michael

04 February 2018
The knight in shining armour swooped in and saved the damsel in distress.
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Grace met Michael at the time she was going through a difficult time in her life and the knight in shining armour swooped in to save her!

Grace was in the process of reverting back to her maiden surname, after her marriage to her former husband ended, and let’s just say Michael fell in love with the damsel in distress that fateful day at the Department of Home Affairs.

After a brief conversation, the two exchanged numbers but Grace actually gave him the wrong numbers, with the hope that he’d lose interest. But things did not go as she had planned because Michael found a way to track her.

Tragedy struck when they were involved in a terrible car accident that left Grace badly injured. So serious was it, that she lost her memory in the process. Michael never left her side. He stood by her and helped her through the ordeal and tonight, they want the share their happiness with the rest of the country.

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