Life according to Somizi: Rules and Life Lessons

27 April 2017
Living the dream with Somizi is not just about following the enigmatic Somgaga but picking up his pearls of wisdom along the way.
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He is enigmatic and wise as he is enthralling and entertaining. It seems living the dream with Somizi is not just about the laughs and the entertainment however, but also about the pearls of wisdom he throws along the way. Take it or leave it, Somgaga is not looking back on his life with any regrets and continues to slay and take names.ย 

Here is a look at life lessons from Somgaga himself:

1. A tell-all book can be inspiring

Where he gets the energy to get so much done, we just don't know. A few weeks ago he didn't know either but he gets it done. Now, Somizi has written a book that will hit shelves soon. It is a tell-all book that will reveal his life story in an inspiring way. So be prepared to be inspired and entertained again...just like watching #LTDWSomizi.

2. Keep all your cherished memoirsย 

Autobiographies tend to be a treasure trove of the best memories, and Somizi's promises to be no different. In fact, there may be more memories than one can remember. He has newspaper cliping and pictures with legendary stars like Brenda Fassie and Lebo Mathosa. This proves how important it is to keep all those littel memories to look back and write a book on.ย 

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3. The devil wears Plaza

He is not just known for his electriv personality, epic dancing and cooking but he is also quite the fashionista. So you can take Somizi's word on the best places to shop for material and the best places to get an outfit made. You may have thought it was with only well-reknowned designers, but as Somizi says "The devil wears [Oriental] Plaza"!

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4. "Ngiyavithiza, ngiyaravaza, ngiyarathatha, siyabangena, siyabaslaya"

From buying material at the oriental Plaza to getting his own designers to custom make him an outfit, it seems Somizi leaves nothing and everything to chance.ย 

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5. One strike rule: One mistake and you are out!

With Somizi, there are no second takes. So you had better show up right the first time. He now operates on a one strike rule - one mistake and you are out! He has never been happier and you seem to agree with his philosophy!ย 

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Stay tuned to #LTDWSomizi for more of Somgaga and his pearls of wisdom!ย 

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