Life lessons from fairy tales – Sibongile & The Dlaminis

03 August 2023
Inspiring more than just imagination
Sibongile and Dlaminis

Sibongile & The Dlaminis promises to be a journey of hope in a world filled with many challenges. Mzansi has referred to Sibongile Mbambo as their very own Cinderella. She has to take on her stepmother's debt and become a maid for affluent Dlamini family instead of furthering her studies due to a lack of funding. 

Here are all the fairy tales that have inspired a message of hope.


After Cinderella's father dies, her life changes for the worst when her stepmother and evil step sisters start to mistreat her. Cinderella works hard, while her family rest in oppulance and wealth obtained by her father. Her life changes when she meets her fairy godmother who orchestrates a meeting with her destiny. Sometimes, life presents itself with opportunities that can change your life forever. 


Aladin and Princess Jasmine meet and fall in love, but this is a classic tale of the have and have-nots. Aladdin is a commoner who meets Princess Jasmine, the beautiful daughter of a king. While there's alot going on with this fairytale pertaining three wishes and a genie in a bottle, at the end of the story, the sultan changed the law so the princess could marry whoever she loved instead. A win for true love! 

Beauty and The Beast 

Sometimes love can melt the beast of insecurity and isolation. The main lesson with this fairy tale is that inner qualities are more important than physical appearance. We admire that Belle managed to tame the beast with true love. His life changed for the better, making him kind, loving and it set him free from his arrogance. 

Snow White 

Jealous of Snow White's beauty, the wicked queen orders the murder of her innocent stepdaughter. To cut a long story short, after eating an apple that puts a spell on the princess; a kiss from her true love sets her free. This tale reminds us that evil and ill intentions should never taint a good heart. 

Sibongile & The Dlaminis may not be a fairy tale, but this story will be awe-inspiring. This telenovela promises transformation, true love and hope amongst all the drama. 

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