Isibaya Review: Two leave the Zungu household

31 October 2014
Isibaya Review: Two leave the Zungu household Image : 112

A captured, limbless Sunday managed to escape from the Zungus. The jury is still out on whether Mehlemamba helped him or not. Fezile tried to open Mpiyakhe up to the possibility that Mehlo may have been bewitched by Sunday to assist him, but he would not hear any of it.

The warlock managed to secure a hideout in the chief’s homestead in exchange he gave him some information about his father.


This certainly put a spanner in the works because based on Sunday’s dreams about his father, Bhekifa eased up on the hostility towards Sithole, even calling him ‘Baba’. Not that he was being genuine of course, it's all part of a bigger plan to extract even more information about his family’s killers. But is Sithole fooled?

After confessing to Phumelele and confronting Fezile without any success, a hurt Qondi packed her bags, left a good bye note and went on her way to some unknown destination.

But the very same people that were mad at her were the very first ones to lament her absence:

Young, naive Melusi continued to unknowingly wreck havoc. He managed to convince Ding Ding to borrow him his taxi which came back with blood stains. This ultimately earned him a meeting with the chief. We will all have to keep our eyes glued to Isibaya to see what the outcome of this meeting will be.

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