Isibaya Review: Lesson learnt

20 July 2015
Isibaya Review: Lesson learnt Image : 537

Melusi, convalescent, was sent to Bhubesini to face his father after what had happened with the drugs. Mpiyakhe wants Jabu's blood, and even sent Fezile to seek him out and bring him to Bhubesini.

The Zungu family anticipated a beating from Mpiyakhe to Melusi, but it never came. Instead, they went camping and had a father to son heart-to-heart, where Mpiyakhe demanded that Melusi tell him the truth about what happened, and also that he choose his own punishment. When it seemed Jabu had disappeared for good, he showed up at his father's homestead. Is he back to atone for his sins?

Love is in the air for Shadrack. He and Doris had a night of passion, and she tip-toed out of his house. How will Lerato react to his father's relationship?

Gog' Ntozabantu changed her mind about moving the graves of her ancestors when all pointed to them being angry with them for even considering it. The news got to Zweli through unrepentant gossip Khanyi, who passed the news on to her scheming husband.

Samson sent his lackey Nkabinde to further deceive uGog' Ntozabantu. He pretended to have a message from her ancestors letting her know they weren't pleased, and she must abort the mission immediately.

Bhekifa will stop at nothing to get into Qondi's good books, including orchestrating for a case that's close to Qondi's heart to swing in her favour. Will she find out that he was behind it?