Isibaya: City wife, lonely life

18 February 2016
Isibaya: City wife, lonely life Image : 832
When people marry, they’re idealists. True idealists. Having entered the hallowed club of holy matrimony, lovers make all sorts of vows in the throws of starry-eyed romance against the backdrop of an amberly lit horizon. With pure hearts they promise everything and probably too much.

Thandeka and Sbu’s marriage is under threat again. The couple are living miles apart from one another. She in the big city chasing the career of her dreams and he, back eBhubesini tending to his own growing business. Each pulled in different directions, their worldviews are at a cross-road.

Missing In Action

When merely seeing one another becomes tricky, how much more for building a life together?

MaKhanyi saw this gaping gap in their young marriage - having never really taken to her makoti - and boy is she cashing in. A mother-in-law from Thandeka’s worst nightmares, KaMajola has happily gone behind her back and set her husband up with a childhood sweet heart, Sibalukhulu.

Trouble ahead

But there’s something endearing about Sibalukhulu. The very thing that makes it hard to vilify her. She’s a dewy beaut who treads with innocence and modesty and gives off the air that she’s never hurt a fly, nor would she do.

Thandeka may not be aware of it but she’s up against some tough competition for her own husbands affections. But how much of the onus rests on Sbu as the hubby? The way things are going, will he consider izeluleko zika MaKhanyi and introduce a second wife into his marriage? Finally, more importantly, how will Thandeka take it?

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