Goodbye Eunice – Housekeepers

17 December 2018
Was Eunice in love with Peter? Is that what led to her demise?
goodbye eunice housekeepers

No one is sure why she did it. Eunice had been given a second chance at life after Peter just couldn’t kill her and she went right back to the lion’s den. Sure, we know that she was there to warn Peter that Linda was really June Ndlovus daughter and out for revenge and to prove her mother’s innocence, but she really could have used the phone.

It didn’t take even a moment’s thought for Boniswa to grab a shovel and knock Eunice to down to her death. It seems Boniswa has become accustomed to bloodshed in her quest for money and power – she’ll stop at nothing to get it.

However, is it possible that Eunice was in love with Peter and that’s why she risked her life to warn him? Could it be that Peter loves Eunice too, and that is why he couldn’t bring himself to follow Boniswa’s order and kill him? Or had Eunice run out of money and come back to Peter to ask for more in exchange for important information about Linda?

Mam’ maria was both angry and relieved to find her missing sister only for her to be killed again. After everything Eunice has put June Ndlovus family through, why couldn’t she do the right thing this one time and expose the Zwides for who they really are?

Now, it will take Peter and Boniswa that much longer to learn that their enemy is within their home. Those eyes Boniswa felt were on her back constantly watching her, are actually her housekeeper’s eyes – the lady in charge with the most important job of all – taking care of Boniswa’s son Fana.

Now we know Linda would never hurt a child. Right? But she has been pushed to extreme lengths and not even Thabang recognizes her anymore. It’s now the last mile. How far will Linda be pushed to get what she wants and is entitled to in the end?

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