Give Me That Bill Mzansi: Game changes!

06 February 2015
Give Me That Bill Mzansi: Game changes! Image : 266

Things are certainly changing in the game! From the dress code to the games introduced and the stories that contestants come with on each show. This week’s segment of Give Me That Bill Mzansi comes with a couple of shockers as unexpected end results of games played throw contestants completely off!

There are a couple of interesting and shocking cases that abadlali present in their stories. For one, try to imagine that you agree with your partner to live together and soon after are left to pay the rent on your own. How much do you think that kind of bill would amount to? Or maybe imagine having a friend ask you to buy furniture in your name with the promise to pay you back and then leave you to clear their debt? Any idea of how much that bill would be? It’s going to be crazy watching some contestants play to clear these bills!

Kenneth and Siyabonga are always willing participants in the games and do their best to help contestants win each game. I mean, who knew that Bra Kenny was a formidable defender on the pitch? In “Ba-Bill-Ball” he teaches soccer players a thing or two about being a defender to be reckoned with! You don’t want to miss this, struu!

The stories are many and some will get you on the floor and rolling with laughter whilst others will leave you with your mouth open! You will be keen to find out how a young man accumulated a bill of R24 400 and how his game played out. Make sure that you don’t miss the next episode of Give Me That Bill Mzansi! It promises to be full of surprises!

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