5 times Maria and Max made us swoon!

10 December 2018
They are #RelationshipGoals loading on Housekeepers!
max and maria housekeepers

They have been dancing around the love they have for each for a minute now. But Sis Maria and Bra Max are everything you’d love to see between two people in love!

  1. When he returned her lunch tin filled with sweets

We know Sis Maria is an unrivalled cook and we know what they say about the way to a man’s heart – it’s through his stomach. So when Sis Maria snatched Bra Ma’s heart again with a skaftin of some good homecooking, he returned it to her filled with her favourite sweets. Yes! He knows her favourites. When ill your crush ever!

  1. When he asked her out for dinner

Bra Max is an old school man and lover, he knows not to put pressure on a lady. When he asked her out for dinner, he gave her time and space to give him her answer. What an absolute gentleman!


  1. When they spent the whole night talking until the sun came up

You know it’s true love when you spend all night just talking, about anything and everything! The sun was the only thing that put an end to Sis Maria and Bra Max’s date.

  1. When he told her that he had been single for decades and she told him that she wasn’t over the death of her husband

Nothing build a strong relationship like good old fashioned honesty and emotional intimacy. It’s not easy to share romantic history with a potential love, but Sis Maria and Bra Max make it look necessary and beautiful.


  1. When he accompanied her to the police station to file a missing persons report for her sister, Eunice

What is true love for if not for those difficult moments in life when we have to face scary situations alone. At least, Bra Max was there to hold Sis Maria through the mysterious loss of her sister, and he is definitely prepared to be there for many more difficult moments in her life.

BONUS: When she finally admitted that she loves him!

Being a widow, it’s not easy for Sis Maria to admit her true feelings for a new man. But when she swooned like a teenaged girl and told her girls that she was in love, she had all of Mzansi swooning!

Will their love survive when Bra Max has just been arrested for a crime he did not commit? Will Sis Maria be his alibi? Stay tuned to #HousekeepersMzansi every Monday at 20:00 to find out!