Five reasons to RSVP to VIP Invite

27 March 2021
Your'e invited Mzansi!

VIP Invite is an upliftment spiritual show that starts this Sunday and we're here to give you a personal invite. The gospel show hosts South Africa's most loved and anointed worshippers such as Ntokozo Mbambo, Lebo Sekgobela, Dr. Rebecca Malope, and more.

Here are five reasons to RSVP to this gospel show: 

1. The host is EVERYTHING. 🙌

Renowned gospel singer, HLE will be on your screens every Sunday as your VIP invite host. She's not only a respected worshipper in the industry, but she's also a presenter that has a love affair with TV production. If you've seen her on your screen, you know it's about to be a good and inspirational time! Are you ready for the gamechanger to take over our screens? We know we are! Get to know Hle a little more, click to see the exclusive below:

2. Praise and worship in your living room. 🎵 

Bahlali, we know you miss the gospel concerts and Sunday services. With the limited covid restrictions, we have had our gospel playlists on endless repeat. VIP Invite gives you the chance to worship alongside your gospel faves, in the comfort of your own home. 

3. Get to know your faves 😍

Want to know what inspired your favourite gospel song and how your faves have come this far? Not only do they perform 5 hits from their musical catalog, but they also share their life journey with us. VIP invite gives you special insight into their most vulnerable moments. 

4. Get inspired

When walking through the shadow and the valleys, life can get tough. This show is also about a wholesome connection to God, it's not just a music show. Audience members will share their own testimonies on the show and if you have been through dark times, you may be able to testify about all that God has helped you overcome. 

5. Kumnandi ukuba la. 👯

What's a good show without some fun? Gather the entire family and have some good clean fun singing along to your favourite hymns. This is what Sunday TV is all about, praise and worship in spirit and truth from the comfort of your homes. Are you ready to RSVP yet... cause we are! 

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Watch VIP Invite on Mzansi Magic channel 161, from 28th March 2021 every Sunday at 19:00. You can also stream it live on the DStv App, the show will also air simultaneously on Mzansi Magic Music, channel 321 on Fridays at 18:00.