Five most talked about things about the Makhunga wedding

18 June 2018
The bride’s relationship advice and groom’s dance moves were the highlights.
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Cabo and Abraham had their perfect wedding last night and here’s five things that got many of you talking.

Cabo’s relationship advice

Cabo’s take on relationships was very simple: People should stop being tolerant of circumstances that are futile. “You only have one life,” she said. This seemed to be the best advice y’all have heard in a very long time, especially from a bride and here’s what you had to say:


Abraham’s dance moves

Now, we all know that one of the main elements of the wedding reception is the dance step. Abraham took to the dance floor with his dance moves, leaving a lot of you in stiches.


The 97-diamond ring

Nobody could have missed this one! I mean, how often to you hear about, or see a ring with that many diamonds!?


Ghost chairs

The couple had requested their décor designer to use ghost chairs but instead, they found Tiffany chairs, leaving the bride a little disappointed. We’re guessing many were not familiar with the ghost chairs, judging by the comments.


The award

The couple were given an award by one of their guests. It speaks a lot about newlyweds and how they should treat each other. There were mixed feelings.


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