Family meeting and apology tours – S’jola Sonke

21 June 2023
People had things to get off their chests!
S'jola Sonke article

The villa has been tense since the couples feel like the process is being messed up by people who are not getting along, while the singles have been feeling like they are not being taken seriously enough.

Tswyza coming in to tell the couples that they have their date outside the villa while the singles get to stay in and have a pool party was the break that everyone so desperately needed.

A united front

The couples have been on the same page from the beginning but this changed once feelings got involved and when singles had to start packing their bags and leave. Hope and Lesego as well as Rainbow and Test had a situation that turned into serious beef when Lungile was “passed down” according to Hope in order to make sure that Rainbow and Test are good and clean when they move on to their new single.

This situation has made everyone uncomfortable and they wanted to take the opportunity they had to talk things out, apologise if they must and finally have some peace especially between Hope and Rainbow and then get back to the villa as a united front.


It calls for a family meeting

As the single were enjoying the sun, the couples returned to the house with much eagerness to talk and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Kwanele called everyone and asked that all grievances come forward so that they can be handled right there and then and call it a day.


Karim has been having a hard time in the house and had an even harder one when he was moved to the playhouse just when he thought he was making connections. He didn’t leave anything out when he spoke and made everyone emotional and understand that communication is the biggest factor that must be practiced no matter what.

Nosipho followed suit and got chocked up when she apologised to everyone she has gossiped about since entering the villa (those who know and those that have no idea) because that wasn’t her true self.

However, one person that was willing to hold on to the past for dear life was Lungile even when Rainbow tried to make amends. She chose to bring up old things that people thought were buried and yet again, her situation was left all up in the air.


So far, everyone is trying their best to get along but it will always be tricky when you are all in it to win it.

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