Christmas with a Zulu – #TheWifeShowmax

24 December 2021
You already know which Mageba you are crushing on but which one would steal your family’s heart over Christmas lunch? We’ve made it easy for you.
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, filled with love, food and most importantly, family. If you’re looking for a date to impress your family, the Zulu brothers have more than enough suitors to choose from. Here’s our take on which brother would impress which family.

The Traditional Family – Nkosana aka Bhut’ Omdala

If your family likes to celebrate Christmas by staying true to their African roots then Nkosana is your perfect plus one. He would have no problem sitting with the men in the kraal enjoying traditional beer, or helping to slaughter the meal of the day or even respecting any ceremonies and rituals with the patience they require.

The Seven Colours Family – Mqhele

If kini bayal’ shaya ibhodo then you need to invite Mqhele for Christmas lunch, just don’t forget to make sure there is some ice-cream for him. Your aunts will be falling over themselves trying to impress him with a lamb stew or creamy potato salad and he will be happy to eat it all with one of his rare smiles on his face.

The Christmas Braai Family – Nqoba

If your family like to keep Christmas lunch simple with a braai and some beers then Nqoba is your guy. He will probably suggest everyone step out for an after party following the lunch and most of your family members will happily oblige. Too much time and attention paid to observing rituals and protocol would either put Nqoba to sleep or put his foot in his mouth with his sharp mouth.

The Hugs and Kisses Family – Qhawe

If your family is the type that like to hug and kiss on the lips just to greet, then all that love and affection should go to plus one like Qhawe. Sure, he is quiet and may be uncomfortable with your aunt and grandmothers squeezing his cheeks but he is also very respectful and has a nurturing and gentle side.

The Alternative Family – Sambulo

If it is anything but your regular Christmas lunch, Sambulo is your man. Whether your family likes to explore other ways of celebrating the day or perhaps not celebrating at all, Sambulo is easy-going enough to still get along with your day ones.


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