Caught in a vicious cycle – Sibongile & The Dlaminis

28 June 2024
There is not a dry eye in sight.
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Episode 145: Monday 1 July

Kwenzo receives a verbal thrashing from Sokhabase that makes him realise he has been caught in a vicious cycle. In iXopo, Velephi is adamant that she is a marriage fixer, when she hatches a plan to fix her parents' marriage.

 Episode 146: Tuesday 2 July

In the staged intimacy of a photoshoot, Nomalanga's impromptu kiss electrifies the air, leaving Kwenzo adrift as the maids look on, spellbound. Vuma embarks on a delicate mission, weaving a tapestry of hope and healing to mend the frayed bonds in his family.

 Episode 147: Wednesday 3 July 

Deliwe does her best to worm her way into Vuma’s heart, but Ntombela threatens to rain on her parade. Wenzeni’s secret is out, and her tears prove to be no match for Phetheni and Njengaye’s anger.

 Episode 148: Monday 8 July

Nomalanga is backed into a corner when one of her ideas leads to disaster. Sibongile tries to claim back her power and is determined to fight for her designs. However, Vuma warns her against it.  

Episode 149: Tuesday 9 July 

Velephi and Sangweni give Sibongile ammunition to fight the Dlaminis for what is hers. Sis Mavis is suddenly inspired to fetch her soft life when she sees an old schoolmate milking it.

Episode 150: Wednesday 10 July

 Sibongile boldly accuses Phetheni of design theft, doing so in the full glare of the media. Defiant and resolute, Sis Mavis dismisses her colleagues' pleas as she firmly decides to resign.

Episode 151: Monday 15 July

When Sibongile fights for her stolen designs, Kwenzo takes her side and Njengaye uses it to his advantage. Nomalanga is reminded of how threatening Sibongile is and fast tracks her wedding to Kwenzo.

Episode 152: Tuesday 16 July

Kwenzo stands up for Sibongile and tells her he will have her back. Meanwhile, he and Nomalanga reveal the sex of their baby on the internet. Deliwe is shattered when Phetheni tells her off.

Episode 153: Wednesday 17 July

During a heated exchange, Phetheni and Vusi let Sibongile know of their intention to pursue legal action if necessary. The helpers and Wenzeni come together to show their gratitude to Sis Mavis with gifts, expressing how much she will be missed.

Episode 154: Monday 22 July

Nomalanga talks Kwenzo out of going to home affairs to be married. Sis Mavis packs her suitcase after a hectic night of partying with the youngsters. But more bad news threatens her dreams.

Episode 155: Tuesday 23 July

Njengaye delivers an eloquent speech, resonating with the timeless adage, "All's well that ends well”. As the wedding procession begins, Kwenzo summons a quiet fortitude, envisioning himself at the altar with Sibongile.

Episode 156: Wednesday 24 July

Sibongile prepares to leave and live her dreams. There is not a dry eye in sight.


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