Broken Hearts this V-Day

13 February 2019
It’s not all love and romance for these couples on Mzansi Magic
broken hearts mzansi magic

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone and heartbroken, you’re really not alone. These Mzansi Magic couples just couldn’t get love right this Valentine’s Day and will spending it heartbroken too. Which couple do you wish would make amends and rekindle the flame?

Cebile and Eddie – #iKhayaMzansi

Nothing kills love and trust like secrets and lies. No one knows this better than the Madimetjas! Cebile and Eddie’s marriage was over before it began because he already had a wife in Limpopo, Raisibe, who is his first love and the woman he always meant to return to.

When Raisibe found out about Cebile, it was when she was mourning her only daughter, Mosima. Now Raisibe wants nothing to do with Eddie and Eddie wants nothing to do with Cebile because she killed Mosima.

While Eddie is trying to get back together with his first love, she seems to have already moved on with her longtime friend, Tokelo.

It’s a long and complicated affair but this will certainly be a lonely Valentine’s Day for Eddie and Cebile.

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone and heartbroken, you’re really not alone.

Fezile and Qondi – #Isibaya

They are the Mzansi favourite couple who just can’t seem to get it together. At first, power stood in their way. Now, it is not very clear why Fezile and Qondi can’t be together. He seems to think it is because she became the Queen Mother and is no longer on his level. She feels betrayed by his relationship with Cebisile.

Will the greatest love story ever be told again? What we know for sure now is that with Fezile helping Cebisile find her sister, Qondi is going to be enjoying a very lonely Valentine’s Day wondering if she should have been more forgiving.

Khethiwe and Mndeni – #eHostelaMzansi

They are no longer Khethumndeni – the couple separated on their wedding day and now it is just Khethiwe and Mndeni. The truth about Mndeni killing Khethiwe’s father came out and although she loves him she can never forgive him.

Should Mndeni have stayed away from Khethiwe when he found out what he had done to her family? Regardless, Khethiwe and Mndeni will both be shedding tears this Valentine’s Day.

He loves her, but it seems she loves him not.

Kentucky and Bongani – #Isibaya

Is there anything more painful than seeing the love of your life moving on? Yep, try seeing the love your life, who also broke your heart, moving on with your friend. Kentucky is already seething at the thought of Dabula and Ntwenhle being an item. Valentine’s Day is going to be anything but romantic for her and just as lonely for her ex, Bongani.

Otsile and Mapula – #TheThroneMzansi

It was the ultimate gesture of love: Even after being humiliated by Mapula’s lies about the baby in front of family, Otsile decided to forgive and beg her to come back to him. However, it was not meant to be. Mapula is back in Johannesburg now and Otsile is still lonely in Kweneng.

Vava Voom and Dam Dam

They are definitely not broken up, but with Saddam fighting for his life in hospital, it is going to be a grim Valentine's Day for Lillian. Here's hoping Saddam pulls through for her and Myeken'eze 

Palesa and Cheez – #IsithembisoMzansi

He loves her, but it seems she loves him not. Palesa is trying to get her life together and move on from the past, unfortunately for Cheez, he is part of the past. Maybe a grand Valentine’s Day gesture could bring the two together, but it looks like Palesa and Cheez are single this Valentine’s.

Sengwayo and MaMkhize – #Isibaya

It may be the greatest tragedy of all this month of love: Sengwayo new wife has gone missing just days after their wedding. It’s not that they don’t want to be together, it is that they simply cannot be… until Sengwayo finds who kidnapped her and where she is being hidden.

Which of these couples are you rooting for? Stay tuned to see if your favs will get it together!