Big Brother Mzansi S’ya Mosha housemates named Mzansi Magic brand ambassadors

03 June 2024

You saw them make waves on Big Brother Mzansi Sya’ Mosha and now they have been chosen as some of the new faces to represent the Mzansi Magic brand.

Big Brother Mzansi season 4 contestants Makhekhe, Sinaye, Mich, Yolanda, and Zee are the new brand ambassadors for M-Net’s local entertainment channels: Mzansi Magic, Mzansi Wethu, Mzansi Magic Music, and Channel O.

This comes after the five made a huge impact and left an impression on viewers and fans of Mzansi’s biggest reality show, Big Brother Mzansi. They remain fan-favourites since the show wrapped up at the end of March this year.

“We are extremely proud and happy to welcome these five amazing young people to the M-Net family. For us this means aligning with our mandate of nurturing and sustaining talent, and we hope this opportunity will result in a long-term mutually beneficial relationship,” says Head of Marketing and Publicity Christinah Mazibuko.

The former S’ya Mosha housemates are elated to be chosen among the lot that were part of the show and had this to say about this opportunity:

Zee: “My initial reaction was a combination of excitement and humility. It felt incredibly rewarding to be recognised for my influence and alignment with the brand’s values. I was eager to explore the opportunity further, considering the potential for mutual growth and the chance to engage with a wider audience.”

Sinaye: “I was delighted by the unexpected opportunity that crossed my path; I couldn't help but feel elated. Mzansi Magic, esteemed as one of South Africa’s premiere TV brands, extending an invitation for me to serve as their ambassador, is truly humbling.”

Mich: "Oh my goodness, this was like a bomb! It was like God answered my exact prayer because this was something that I had been praying about, I wished to be on Mzansi Magic or be associated with the channel. This is the start of many things to come and a sign that a lot more is coming. Thank you.”

Yolanda: "Yooooooh! I am so excited and look forward to the opportunity, I believe that I will make a meaningful contribution to the growth of the brand as I will channel my energy and passion to promote the Mzansi Magic brands.”

Makhekhe: “I was so excited when I was asked to be an ambassador because it’s a dream come true to work with such big brands. I grew up watching Mzansi Magic and never in my life have I thought I will be called to become an ambassador. This is a dream to me because it’s things like this that keeps a person going forward and pushing one to work hard.”

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