5 signs your housekeeper is a secret spy – Housekeepers

26 April 2022
Here is how to know if your housekeeper is a secret spy in classic Linda Ndlovu style
5 signs your housekeeper is a double agent article

  1. They got the job very quickly

One thing about Linda, she always gets the new job but it is never well-planned. A housekeeper goes missing and she is conveniently the replacement or perhaps in season 3 style, she pays the previous housekeeper to fake a family emergency so she can take over for a couple of weeks.

  1. They are always late

Have you noticed how just a few days into the job, Linda is already arriving late for work? Juggling two jobs, one as a secret spy for the police is not easy to do.


  1. You always find them where no one is allowed to be

Perhaps you are very private by choice or by career and there are areas of the house that are off limits: One thing about Linda or a secret spy, that is exactly where you will find them.

  1. They don’t talk about themselves

Have you ever heard Linda mentioning having a bother or late mother during her assignments? Personal information is off limits and if any is shared, it is usually a lie which cannot be verified.

  1. You just have a weird feeling about them

In the beginning, Linda’s bosses had little to no issues with her, but after some time they realized that there was just something about her that they couldn’t put their finger on that made her seem very dangerous. And they were always right in the end.

If you have nothing to hide, there is no reason to suspect your housekeepers is a Linda but if you live for the #HousekeepersMzansi on-screen drama then tune in every Monday at 20:00.