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The struggle of crime victims in Kenya – The Last Door

12 February 2024
Crime in Kenya is a persistent issue that not only disrupts lives but also challenges the justice system's ability to deliver justice to victims.
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While efforts have been made to combat crime, many victims find themselves facing a daunting journey to seek justice, with outcomes often falling short of their expectations.

One of the primary challenges faced by crime victims in Kenya is the inefficiency and corruption within the justice system. Cases can languish in court for years, plagued by delays, adjournments, and procedural hurdles.

For many victims, this prolonged process adds insult to injury, exacerbating their trauma and diminishing their faith in the legal system.

Moreover, corruption within law enforcement agencies and the judiciary can further hinder the pursuit of justice. Bribes, influence peddling, and manipulation of evidence are not uncommon, undermining the integrity of investigations and court proceedings. As a result, perpetrators of crimes often evade accountability, leaving victims feeling abandoned by the very institutions tasked with protecting them.

In addition to systemic challenges, societal attitudes towards crime victims can also impede their quest for justice. Stigma, victim-blaming, and a lack of support can discourage victims from coming forward and reporting crimes. Furthermore, marginalized communities, including women, children, and the poor, are disproportionately affected by crime and often face greater barriers to accessing justice.

The impact of this systemic failure is profound, not only for individual victims but for society as a whole. Without accountability and redress, victims are denied closure and the opportunity to heal from their trauma. This can perpetuate cycles of violence and erode trust in institutions, undermining efforts to build a safer and more just society.

Efforts to address these challenges require a multi-faceted approach. Strengthening the capacity and independence of the justice system, combating corruption, and promoting victim-centered approaches are crucial steps. Additionally, raising awareness about the rights of crime victims and providing support services, such as legal aid and counseling, can empower victims to seek justice and rebuild their lives.

Ultimately, ensuring that crime victims in Kenya receive the justice they deserve is not only a moral imperative but also essential for fostering a society built on the principles of fairness, accountability, and respect for human rights. It requires collective action and commitment from government authorities, civil society organisations, and communities to uphold the rule of law and protect the rights of all citizens. Only then can we hope to create a society where justice is not just a privilege but a fundamental right for all.

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