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Arielle (Ari)
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Melchizedek (Mel)
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Samantha (Sam)
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Mama Aziza
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Lulu (Mama Ken)
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Mama Aziza34%
Inspector Kamusi3%

Latest on Salem

Tito cracks under pressure – Salem Image : 1708
Barbara's mind games– Salem Image : 1703
Barbara's mind games– SalemBarbara continues to play mind games with Ken while the detective finds a useful piece of evidence to connect Mama Aziza to Ngesa's murder.
Love is the basic requirement! – Salem Image : 618
Love is the basic requirement! – SalemZahra’s family is having a bad morning at breakfast. Police learn about Cobra and Zahra’s student is disheartened after he fails his test.
Teacher Barbara – Salem Image : 616
Teacher Barbara – SalemKen is crushing on Mel's old friend teacher Barbara, CIO Ben investigates Muhato's death and Judith promises to find her brother.
Muhato is dead – Salem Image : 614
Muhato is dead – SalemAziza and Zahra eliminate Muhato but he haunts Zahra even in death.
Arielle is saved – Salem Image : 600
Arielle is saved – SalemKen, Tito and Aiden save Arielle after she tries to commit suicide, Muhato considers joining Pata Investments while Soila tells Brayo to get out of her life.
Sibling rivalry – Salem Image : 594
Sibling rivalry – SalemSoila and Zahra’s antagonism finally boils over into violence while Arielle and Tito’s pictures have been leaked on social media.
Plots and sabotages – Salem Image : 591
Plots and sabotages – SalemMuhato plays Zahra while Judith walks in on Arielle and Tito just when they are about to consummate their relationship.
A romantic surprise – Salem Image : 584
A romantic surprise – SalemLove is in the air as Mel asks Judith to marry him again. Meanwhile, Zahra finds herself on edge when she discovers that Aziza's past is coming back to haunt them all.
Zumberi holds the Karani’s hostage – Salem Image : 580
Zumberi holds the Karani’s hostage – SalemAfter Judith comes face to face with the truth about Zumberi, he takes them hostage. Then Zahra asks Aziza to teach her how to use a gun.
The botched hijacking – Salem Image : 578
The botched hijacking – SalemJudith takes a decision that compromises her relationship with Tito while Sam finds herself endangered when things go unexpectedly during a hijacking.
Soila's tough lesson – Salem Image : 574
Soila's tough lesson – SalemThe walls close in on Mel while Soila ends up being taught a hard lesson by Aziza after she insists on joining her business dealings with Zahra.
Aziza is cleared – Salem Image : 572
Aziza is cleared – SalemJudith and Lulu continue their tug of war over Ken, Aziza backs Inspector Kamusi into a corner while Zahra learns that she has made a horrific mistake.
'You killed my husband' – Salem Image : 567
'You killed my husband' – SalemZahra is shocked to find out that her mother was involved in her husband's murder while Ken's mom struggles with her addiction.
Tito cracks under pressure – Salem

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