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The most memorable weddings of season 16

16 April 2024
Here are the weddings that had the audience talking.
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Our Perfect Wedding is a show that gives viewers a front-row experience of actual couple’s intimate lives of real couples as they prepare for their wedding. Here are the top five weddings that had the audience talking.  

  1. Phylis and Samuel 

Phyllis and Samuel proved that long-distance relationships do work. Fortunately, Phylis secured a job in Kenya, allowing the pair to completely explore their love. Tensions flared on their wedding day, causing the program to be delayed.  Did they have a perfect wedding? Watch the highlights here and be the judge: 

  1. Ursula and Rodgers 

Rodgers was struck by Ursula's intelligence and beauty when he first interacted with her, while Ursula was impressed by Rodgers's quiet demeanor and deep eyes. After ten years of dating, they were certain that they wanted to be together. They cemented their relationship with a gorgeous, stylish wedding. 

  1. Lucy and Martin 

Martin had dreamt of meeting an enchanting lady and when he met Lucy, he immediately knew she was the one he desired. At their wedding, the bride was driven in a limo, and for the first time, the best man dressed the bride.  

  1. Zee and Steve 

The couple met on Facebook and what sparked their relationship was when Zeeh wished Steve a happy birthday. Throughout their relationship, the bride’s family refused to accept the groom, but their persistence paid off. At their wedding Steve surprised Zee with a brand-new car and a performance by Ben Sol.  

  1. Sheila and Kevin. 

The season concluded with Sheila and Kevin’s stunning wedding. The couple met at Strathmore University and dated for more than 10 years. The bride was fine with financing their fun and memorable trips and later the tables turned and now Kevin organises everything for her.  

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