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3 reasons why co-parenting is beneficial – Njoro wa Uba

20 February 2024
This parenting approach is gaining popularity.
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Co-parenting, also known as shared parenting, is a collaborative parenting approach in which both parents raise their children after their separation or divorce. This parenting style has grown in popularity in recent years, and when done correctly, it can help children transition more smoothly.  

Njoro wa Uba found himself in this situation recently with his baby mama Tina. He and Tina disagreed on who should be responsible for their daughter Stacy. 

Watch the moment here:

Njoro does not have a steady income, whereas Tina does but lives in Dubai. They both want to be involved in Stacy’s life but also want what is best for her. 

Here are some reasons why co-parenting can be beneficial for them: 

  •  It will improve Tina and Njoro's relationship while also creating a positive environment for Stacy. It will also set a good example for Stacy to see her parents working as a team, even though they are no longer together. 

  • It will allow Njoro and Tina to have an equal role in Stacy's life. If Njoro is busy at work, Stacy can stay with her mother, and vice versa. It also allows both parents to be present for Stacy’s significant milestones.  

  • Divorce and separation are difficult and emotional times for children. Giving them a stable and consistent environment can help mitigate the negative effects of separation. When Stacy stays with either her parents or with her grandmother Jezebel, she will feel secure. 

Co-Parenting - Njoro Wa Uba

Who is better placed to stay with Stacy?

Both Njoro and Tina5%

For the co-parenting solution to work, Tina needs to be in Kenya. Will she accept to move back to Kenya for the sake of Stacy? Continue watching the show to find out.  

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