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The villagers bay for Carlos's blood – Kovu

19 May 2021
...after they learn that he chopped Madzu’s arm off.
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When Madzu lost his arm, the police went knocking at Jaffer’s house since he was their employee. They were surprised that they knew nothing about the incident and learned that he had resigned a day before the accident. Jaffer then told his wife Alisa and son Roy to visit him in the hospital to find out what really happened. Madzu was too scared to talk about the ordeal or least of all say it was Carlos who did it.

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Carlos and Jaffer have been long-time enemies and have been fighting over the political seat as well as Alisa who was once Carlos’s old flame. He can do anything for Alisa even if it costs him. On several occasions, Carlos has helped Alisa cover some dark secrets and also used Madzu to spy on the on-goings of the Jaffer’s household for his own good. After he learned that the police went to question Jaffer about Madzu’s case he went to the press with the story to taint Jaffer’s reputation with the aim of ruining his chances of vying for the governor’s position.  

When Madzu was discharged from the hospital he returned to the village. Chaka, his long-time friend visited him and took him out to his local pub. Chaka nudged Madzu to disclose the person who cut off his arm and he revealed that it was actually Carlos who did it. Chaka immediately shared the information with the villagers and all hell broke loose. They wreaked havoc and went after Carlos’s henchmen, starting with Kai and Jirongo. Fortunately, the police arrived on time before they could lynch Jirongo but Kai escaped by a whisker, but his house was set alight.

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Elsewhere, Tiffa, Nafisa and Judy’s mother returned and is seeking revenge. Although not much is not known about her at this stage it is clear that she is seeking revenge and is using her daughters to achieve that.

Will happen to Carlos now that everyone in the village knows he chopped off Madzu’s arm? Be sure to follow the drama on #Kovu every Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm only on DStv 163 and Showmax.