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The race to find Ruby is on – Kovu Image : 2565
Rina’s love worries – Kovu Image : 1727
Rina’s love worries – KovuRina opens up to Linette about Ruby’s involvement with her boyfriend Shady unaware that Linette too was cozy with him.
"Mwizi wa mashamba" – Kovu Image : 1721
"Mwizi wa mashamba" – KovuAlisa is upset with Carlos for interfering with her family and wanting the beach plot. Kai is fired and Linnet gets a shocking surprise after she finds Lorna missing.
Tiara is Alisa's daughter – Kovu Image : 557
Tiara is Alisa's daughter – KovuTiara returns home and agrees to work with Tiffa. Alisa chases Chaka out of her house while Ruby is shocked to learn that Tiara is Alisa's real daughter.
Only a mother will understand! – Kovu Image : 551
Only a mother will understand! – KovuAlisa is found passed out on the floor by lady noone recognises. Then Ruby confronts her mother over her parenting.
Alisa confronts Maridhia – Kovu Image : 544
Alisa confronts Maridhia – KovuAlisa wants to know who her real daughter is between Nafisa and Tamara. Hamadi tries to stop Tiara from leaving for the city but fails.
Tiara threatens to leave – Kovu Image : 539
Tiara threatens to leave – KovuTiffa manipulates Tiara, the baby mamas fight again and Carlos pours his heart to Alisa
Focus on the job! – Kovu Image : 525
Focus on the job! – KovuRuby is told to focus on the job at hand. Then Jafari finds out that his father is the witness to his case.
Who is Alisa's real daughter – Kovu Image : 519
Who is Alisa's real daughter – KovuNafisa questions Maridhia about her real mother, Tamara and Tasha clash while Tiara questions Tiffa about her biological parents.
Tiffa is rescued – Kovu Image : 514
Tiffa is rescued – KovuThe police finally nail Tiffa but she manages avoid the long arm of the law. Masumbuko rescues Lorna from Carlos.
Is this the end of Tiffa? – Kovu Image : 510
Is this the end of Tiffa? – KovuChaka escapes death by a whisker, Tamara tells Jaffer's family the truth and Tiffa is ambushed by the police
Alisa and Jaffer’s plan – Kovu Image : 506
Alisa and Jaffer’s plan – KovuAlisa connects the dots about Tiffa and she and Jaffer trap her. Meanwhile, pregnant Tamara visits Roy’s grave.
Rosa’s interview – Kovu Image : 503
Rosa’s interview – KovuRosa and Carlos lay a plan to smoke Haze out of his hiding spot while Ashiq plans to kill Tiffa.
Linette’s cremation– Kovu Image : 497
Linette’s cremation– KovuAlisa refuses to leave Haze’s residence until he shows her Roys's ashes while Jaffer breaks the news to Carlos that his sister Linette was cremated.
Double Funeral! – Kovu Image : 486
Double Funeral! – KovuA mission goes wrong after the group start turning on each other. The Haze faces a double funeral after Roy and Lennet pass away however there is a mix up in the body ashes.
The Haze family suffer a double loss – Kovu Image : 482
The Haze family suffer a double loss – KovuLinnet and Roy die at the same time but under different circumstances while Alisa is shattered after Anderson tells her the truth about Tiffa.
Linnet is shot – Kovu Image : 477
Linnet is shot – KovuTiffa double-crosses Jaffer and Alisa, Mzee Haze hires a sniper to kill Tiffa and kills Linnet instead while Roy dies from a drug overdose.
Tambiko la mwaka – Kovu Image : 466
Tambiko la mwaka – KovuTiffa secretly arranges a cleansing ceremony behind Jaffer and Alisa’s back. Jaffer and Roy clash while Nafisa struggles to convince Jaffer that Tiffa is dangerous.
Roy weds Tasha – Kovu Image : 460
Roy weds Tasha – KovuRuby refuses to support her brother Roy when he ties the knot with Tasha. Shibe and Chaka are questioned by the police while Tiffa plays her cards well after the police question her about her dealings with Chaka
Tiffa harasses Masumbuko– Kovu Image : 457
Tiffa harasses Masumbuko– KovuAlisa leaves home for her sister's house, Tiffa forces Mzee Masumbuko to comply with her demand while Jaffer bribes Tasha to leave.
Rosa is robbed – Kovu Image : 456
Rosa is robbed – KovuRosa is forced to take extreme measures to survive on the streets while Roy learns that Haze junior is not his son.
'Like father like son' – Kovu Image : 450
'Like father like son' – KovuAlisa learns that Tasha's son might be Jaffer's child, Carlos meets Kai and Kato while Ruby is shocked to see Lorna's state.
'My name is not Judy' – Kovu Image : 448
'My name is not Judy' – KovuTasha and Alisa clash, Carlos tells Alisa that Lorna is alive while Nafisa and Tiffa are shocked when Tamara reveals her real identity to Jaffer.
Ruby is back – Kovu Image : 446
Ruby is back – KovuCarlos vows to help Ruby, she returns home but only for a short while then Alisa makes it clear to Tasha that she doesn't want her near her son Roy.
The race to find Ruby is on – Kovu

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