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Unending drama on Kovu

28 October 2021
Tasha claims her child’s father is Roy.
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The drama doesn’t end at Jaffer house. Ruby’s whereabouts is still unknown, the mystery woman is hot on Carlos’s trail, Tiffa ordered for Maridhia to put Haze into a comma while Linnet disappeared without any notice. Before they could settle with this new development, Tasha came knocking at their door with a child in tow whom she claimed is Roy’s son.

What could she be up to? Is her visit genuine? Will she give Roy a good reason why she left in the first place?

Meanwhile, in the village, Ruby and Carlos were curious about Shibe’s source of money.  Tiffa had given him a lot of money so that he could be the village loan shark on her behalf, lending money to the local businesses with intention of gaining total control of them. Will he manage to do that? Will Ruby and Carlos uncover his dealings with Tiffa?

At Carlos’s house, Rosa and Kai were shocked to find Lasko’s body in the compound. Matano had dumped it at Tiffa’s instructions. What will Carlos do when he finds out?

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