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The plan is set alight – Kovu

15 October 2021
What will this mean for Tiffa and Carlos?
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For weeks now Tiffa bragged to be on top of her game but what she doesn’t know is that Carlos is on to her. 

She kidnapped Haze, Jaffer’s father as well as his right-hand man Lasko hoping they will give her the plan for the plot. Little did she know that Jaffer had the plan all along and had since burned it after Carlos came to his house to demand it. Did Jaffer do that innocently or did he do so to protect his missing dad?

On the other side of town, Carlos accidentally found Ruby hiding in Shibe’s house. He had gone there to question Shibe about Bi Zena’s condolence book which he wanted to piece together any information about the famous mystery woman, Tiffa. Ruby convinced Carlos not to tell her family where she is. Will she honour her request?

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At the mansion, Roy was stressed out by the recent happenings in his family. His beloved sister died, and her body was exhumed, while his younger sister Ruby went missing. Additionally, the two women that he loved (Tasha and Judy) played with his feelings and left him in pain.

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What will Tiffa do after she learns that the plan has been destroyed? Will she continue to hold Haze hostage? What will Nafisa do after she learns that her own mother kidnapped her husband?

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