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One hour of bliss — Kovu

18 June 2021
That’s how long Rina and Shady’s marriage lasted.
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It was a sad week for the Jaffer family. They lost Rina and her husband Shady in a grisly accident that left people with more questions than answers. Here are a few:


  • Why would anyone want to harm Rina? She never ill-treated anyone and was always the voice of reason in her family.
  • Who is her real father? This question emerged after she was admitted in the hospital and needed blood. When her father Jaffer offered to donate, his blood didn’t match hers. Then Alisa (her mother) called Carlos – her husband’s arch enemy to come to the hospital to assist where it emerged that he was her biological father. However, his blood did not match Rina’s either.
  • Who is Tiffa to Rina? What is clear is that she is Judy and Nafisa’s mother and on a mission to get revenge on Jaffer and his family. She instructed her daughter Judy to ensure that Rina and Shady don’t get married and even got her to sneak her into the wedding to ensure that doesn’t happen. Nafisa, her other daughter was Shady’s old girlfriend and was not even aware that the wedding was happening. After the newlyweds had the accident and were rushed to the hospital, Tiffa remained close to the hospital to ensure that Rina was okay. She even anonymously donated blood. However, when Rina didn’t make it, Tiffa wept uncontrollably over her death leaving questions as to who she was to Rina.

  • Why did Haze, Rina’s grandfather, not want Rina to get married to Shady? He even instructed, Ruby, Rina’s sister, to have Shady killed. Ruby paid her old boyfriend Matano to do that dirty job. On the day of the wedding, Matano was reluctant to carry it out and Ruby decided to take the matter into her own hands. She altered the bridal car brakes causing it to lose control. Matano also happened to be driving on the same road and he hit the car on the side.


The police are now investigating the accident. With so many people involved in this case, who will the police pin down as the actual killer for Shady and Rina’s death? Be sure to follow the drama on Kovu every Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm only on DStv 163 or on Showmax to find out.