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Ngao’s death and the attack on Bi Zena – Kovu

01 March 2021
Chaka was behind the attack on his sister.
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When under pressure, humans become capable of committing thoughtless acts that they may end up regretting for the rest of their lives. This is the situation Chaka found himself in recently when Carlos pressured him to transfer his family land.

Chaka first tried to convince Bi Zena to sell the land to Carlos, but she refused. Chaka then asked her to hand over the title deed – and that too bore no fruit. So, he organised for some men to attack his sister and trash her house so he could take the title deed and give it to Carlos.

Amid the melee, Bi Zena’s grandchild Rina arrived in the nick of time before she could be burnt alive. She rushed Bi Zena to the hospital and called her mother Alisa to tell her the news. The cold reception and lack of care left Rina wondering how Alisa could be so unconcerned about her own mother.

What she didn’t know is that Alisa had funded Chaka’s operation and she too wanted Bi Zena dead. After the attack failed to yield the desired results, Alisa looked for another opportunity to kill her mother. Pretending to be concerned, she visited Bi Zena and offered to cook her favourite meal and have it delivered to her. After she was done cooking, Alisa put the food on a plate, laced it with poison and gave it to Ngao, Chaka’s only son, and had him take it to Bi Zena.

In a twist of fate, Ngao ate the poisoned food and died. When she went to check if her mother was dead the following morning, Alisa found that Ngao had died instead. Chaka, who had run away after the attack on his sister, was called back with the sad news that his only child had died.

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Shocked and confused, Chaka returned home and vowed to avenge his son’s death. What will he do to Alisa?

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