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Kovu Roundup: Ruby gets a cold reception

08 January 2021
…from her grandfather Mzee Haze.
Ruby 3

Ever since Jaffer returned to the house with Mzee Haze and Roy, Ruby has been more than keen to meet her grandfather and know where he lives. Efforts to get that information from Roy proved fruitless so she decided to follow Roy to Mzee Haze’s island. Once she arrived there, the reception she received was not only cold, but her grandfather instructed Roy to discipline her for coming to the island uninvited.

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Without hesitating, Roy dragged Ruby off the island and Nafisa, Haze’s girlfriend, wasn’t pleased by how Roy manhandled his own sister with the full approval of Mr. Haze. Jaffer, who had witnessed this act from another room, warned his father to stay away from his kids.

A lonely Ruby, on the other hand, decided to drown her sorrows at the club. Unfortunately, one of the patrons at the club took advantage of her drunken state, robbed her and left her by the roadside.

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Elsewhere, after the fisherman revealed to Rosa that Lasko tried to kill her, she called her son Matano to rescue her from the island. However, it was a bittersweet moment for Matano who was angry to learn Mzee Haze wanted his mother dead. Matano then vowed to exact his revenge.

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As he drove back from the island, he saw Ruby by the roadside wasted and confused. Matano decided to kidnap her to get back at the Haze family. He then went a step further and told her Rosa is her mother, a revelation that shocked Ruby to the core.  

How long will he keep Ruby? How will this new information Ruby has received affect her family going forward?

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