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Kovu weekly roundup – Rina’s funeral

23 June 2021
Tiffa, Carlos, Bi Zena and the Haze family are still trying to come to comes with her death.
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Last week was a tough one for the Haze family. Not only did they have to deal with Rina’s accident and subsequent death, but an ugly family secret also emerged. Jaffer found out that Rina was not his biological child but rather Carlos’ daughter, his biggest enemy.


As Jaffer was organising for Rina’s body to be cleared from the hospital, he learned from one of the doctors that Carlos had requested a DNA test to confirm if Rina is really his daughter. Haze, Jaffer’s father called him to request if Rina could be buried at his place which he quickly declined.


Meanwhile on the other side of town, Bi Zena, Ashura and Chaka were kicked out of their house for not paying rent. When Roy asked his parents to assist his grandmother with rent or even house her until she gets on her two feet, they both refused. Roy was left wondering why his own mother would not want to help her own mother. Ashura, Bi Zena’s friend decided to take her unappreciative brother Chaka into her house in the village.

At the funeral, a visibly angry Mzee Haze arrived in disguise and told Jaffer he wants nothing to do with him. When the family arrived home, the police stormed in and arrested Alisa for Rina’s death. The police had interrogated the driver who was assigned to carry the newlyweds to their hotel. He did not get to drive the couple since Judy, Roy’s girlfriend lured him to the bathroom, knocked him unconscious and took his clothes so that she could take over the bridal car and kidnap Shady. As she got to the car and drove off, she didn’t know that Ruby, Rina’s sister had tampered with the car brakes. The police arrested Alisa instead because she was the first person the driver saw when he regained consciousness in the toilet.

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What will happen to Alisa? Will Ruby confess that she tampered with the bridal car brakes?

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