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Four key questions that need answers – Kovu

19 July 2021
Could Tiffa be linked to all of them?
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It has been a week of drama on Kovu and so many questions have been left unanswered.

Firstly, someone sent goons to attack and kill all his guards except Haze. The attack happened when Nafisa went to bury her old flame Shady who died in a grisly accident moments after he married the love of his life Rina.

Secondly, Haze Rosa and Lasko were kidnapped and detained by Tiffa in a dark room. How is she connected to the trio? Why would she want to hold them captive?

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Thirdly, when Nafisa returned to her house with Jaffer to search for any clues about Haze and his whereabouts, some goons came in the middle of the night and sprayed Jaffer with medicine which made him unconscious. As they stealthy walked past him towards Nafisa’s room, he didn’t hear a thing. Once there, one held her at gunpoint while the other ransacked the room and found the title deed. They went ahead and burned it before her eyes. A few days ago, Haze had promised to leave his will with Nafisa instead of his son Jaffer. Who could have sent the goons to do that while Jaffer was present with Nafisa?

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Finally, Alisa was released from prison while Carlos was arrested for supposedly digging up Rina’s remains. When Rina was in the hospital, Alisa phoned him and broke the news that Rina was his daughter. However, Alisa had been having nightmares about her past especially the day she was raped by Carlos. All this time she thought Rina was Carlos’s daughter, but the DNA reports have since proved otherwise.

Who are the suspects in Rina’s case and how long will Carlos stay behind bars? Be sure to follow the drama on Kovu every Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm only on DStv 163 or stream all the episodes on Showmax.