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Five surprising moments on Kovu

23 February 2022
The drama keeps getting hotter and hotter.
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If there is one thing that you can expect from the telenovela Kovu is that it is full of drama. There is always a surprise element in every episode. Here are five such moments that have happened so far:

  1. Tiffa’s Plan B

The police had finally nailed the most wanted woman, Tiffa, or so they thought. When she knew the police were closing in on her, she and her henchmen schemed a plan which was perfectly executed. They attacked the police convoy and she managed to escape. Watch the moment here:

  1. Tamara lets the cat out of the bag

When Alisa and Jaffer found Tamara and Nafisa’s picture in Tiffa’s house they were shocked and wanted her arrested together with her mother. Just when the police were preparing to handcuff her, she announced that she is carrying their grandchild. Talk about a shocker!

  1. Rosa’s press conference

The war between Jaffer and Carlos has been ongoing for some time, but the one that has us on edge is the one between Jaffer’s father Haze and Carlos. Jaffer’s father Haze has been missing, but there were rumours that he was still alive. In order to smoke Haze out of his hideout, Carlos called the press and told Rosa to claim that Jaffer’s father is still her legal husband and therefore the rightful owner of all his property. When the video went viral, it achieved the effect Carlos wanted.

  1. Ruby disowns her mother

Ever since Ruby lost her brother Roy and her sister Rina, she’s had more questions than answers. She learned that Rina was not her real sister and Jaffer may not be her real father. Alisa also learned that Rina was not her biological daughter after her evil sister Tiffa switched her baby. Watch the tense moment here:

  1. Baby mama drama

Tasha and Tamara have one thing in common – they both have Roy’s child. Tasha arrived before Roy’s death while Tamara is carrying his child. The latter is set to make the former's life a living hell. Watch the moment here:

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