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Three memorable moments on Kovu this week

01 March 2021
Carlos finds out Matano is his son, Linnet is alive, Ruby delivers Matano to Haze and so much more drama!
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Kovu, a gripping telenovela set in the coastal town of Mombasa is full of twists and turns. Each week you can be guaranteed to be served up some drama, surprises, and funny moments too. This week was no different! Here’s all the juicy drama that has played out so far:

Carlos Santana found out that Matano is his son

Rosa, Matano’s mother had been missing for some time and was even feared dead. This week, she showed up unexpectedly at Carlos’s mansion to seek his help after she learned that Ruby (Matano’s girlfriend) was planning to take him to Haze, the man who had tried to kill her. At first, when she asked Carlos to help Matano he refused, but after she told him who Matano’s father is, he changed his mind.

Rina left home

Just when Rina was recovering from the shock of seeing her boyfriend Shady kissing her stepmother, life served her another curveball. Her sister Ruby showed her a picture of Shady and Nafisa, her grandfather’s girlfriend kissing. When she confronted him about the affair, Nafisa appeared unexpectedly, and she walked away. Rina was not at peace at home either. For the longest time, she and her mother have not been on good terms and this time, Rina decided she has had enough and left.

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Lona drinks spiked juice

Ever since Judy was reinstated as Lorna’s nurse, Kai has been fearing that he might lose his job. So, he instructed his grandfather who is a witchdoctor to make him a secret potion that he can use to kick Judy out of the mansion. Little did he know that his grandfather gave him a love potion instead. When Kai got home, he spiked Judy’s juice with it, and she was all over him. Thereafter, Carlos’s sister Lona drank the potion and also wanted to be close to Kai. He had a difficult time explaining the mess to his boss Carlos, who in the end wanted the same potion to hook the long-time object of his affections Alisa.

Kovu airs every Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm only on Maisha Magic Plus CH 163. Be sure not to miss this captivating drama.