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The mysterious woman and Kai’s identity – Kovu

30 July 2021
Here’s a roundup of the recent episodes.
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In the past few weeks, Tamara (Judy) has been trying to investigate the real identity of her mother’s driver, Kato. He is a spitting image of Kai, Carlos’s worker. They could pass for twins though in terms of character, Kai is more timid than Kato. At first, when Tamara found him at her mother’s house and raised her hand to slap him, he swiftly prevented it – something Kai would not do. This led her to start investigating him. One night she locked him in his room and drove to Carlos’s house where Kai resides. She snuck into his room but before she could question him, Carlos appeared, and she ran away.

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At Jaffer’s mansion, Ruby tried to corner Nafisa about her secret meeting with Judy. Ruby had secretly followed Nafisa to the restaurant where she met Judy, who is her sister. Ruby and her entire family do not know this about them. After they returned home, Ruby tried to corner Nafisa about the meeting by trying to blackmail her. Little did she know that Nafisa also had more dirt on her.

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Jaffer on the other hand met Rosa who told him about Tiffa, the mysterious woman who kidnapped her together with Haze, Jaffer’s father and Lasko, Haze’s right-hand man. She told him that she is a powerful person and is responsible for the bloody attack at the Haze residence. This revelation made Jaffer realise that Carlos may not be guilty after all. Alisa, Jaffer’s wife, confessed to having seen her at her mother’s grave. Little does she know that she had a hand in Bi Zena’s death.

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Will Tamara find the answers she is risking her life to look for? Will Tiffa be exposed? Be sure to follow the drama on #Kovu every Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm only on DStv 163.