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Meet our memorable Kovu characters

15 July 2022
Discover the secrets and mysteries lurking in this telenovela.
kovu characters

Every show on Maisha Magic East is entertaining and aims to educate ­– and Kovu is no exception. The plot of the show centres around Jaffer, who has recently relocated his family from Tanzania to neighbouring Kenya. The tension within the family is evident from the moment they land at the airport – and from there, the tension builds to boiling point.

Who is Jaffer Haze and what prompted him to return home with his family? Also, who else is connected (both knowingly and unknowingly) to this man?

Here’s a brief description of all the wonderful characters that colour this captivating story.

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Jaffer is a rich man who struggles to keep his family sane. He lived in Tanzania for a while to do business but later returned to his motherland Kenya only to find his past haunting him once again. He is grateful to his parents, but he is not proud of them.

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In addition to being Jaffer’s wife, she is also the mother of Rina, Ruby and Roy. Despite being an emotional wreck, she tries to impress her family by always putting on a brave face. Not everything is as it seems though because there is a secret that she closely guards because it could ruin her marriage and ultimately her lavish lifestyle.

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He is a cunning sly man who controls a drug empire. In order to ensure that he rules supremely, he has both political and philanthropic ambitions and has excellent connections with security agencies. He is willing to go to great lengths to prevent the exposure of a dark secret involving his sister, by keeping his social life a secret.

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Lorna witnessed her brother Carlos raping her best friend in her own home and has been dealing with the consequences ever since. Carlos administers insanity drugs in order to prevent her from turning on him. These drugs cause her to lose her memory and act mentally deranged.

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He is a driven young man who seeks success through power, greed and fame. He is Alisa and Jaffer’s only son, and he battles drug addiction in secret.

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She is a young, attractive, and sophisticated woman who will do anything to acquire what she wants. She is cunning and uses her looks to entice and seduce guys to achieve her goals. She presently has Roy in her sights with the intention of marrying him and joining his wealthy family in the future.

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Rosa oversees the home of a well-known businessman, but that isn't the only reason she works there. She and her boss have a long history of friendship, and at one point she served as his confidante. She also spies for her boss’s arch enemy and has a hard time trying to please both men.

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She’s a spoiled, fun-loving, ambitious, clever, and well-educated lady. She is Jaffer and Alisa’s daughter, and her mother has a soft spot for her. Ruby is a victim of hopeless love and is constantly involved with dangerous men.

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She is Alisa and Jaffer’s first child and frequently disagrees with her mother. Despite being well-educated and intelligent, she is deeply broken and hopeless inside and struggles with numerous unresolved issues.

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