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Matano’s cat-and-mouse game with Carlos – Kovu

19 April 2021
What could his motive be?  
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A few weeks ago, Carlos learned that Matano, his ruthless right-hand man was actually his biological son. It was difficult for him to face that hard reality but later warmed up to the idea after he realised, he could use him as a means to an end.

Carlos had kept his biological sister, Lorna locked up and hidden from the public for years. It was a secret he had kept for a long time until his younger sister, Linnet found out. Linnet is also Jaffer’s girlfriend – Carlos’s long-time enemy and political rival. Linnet learned that Lorna knows secrets about Carlos and to keep her quiet, Carlos had her medicated so that she could forget.

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After Linnet and her brother had a fall-out, she requested Jaffer get a court order to allow the social workers to take Lorna to a mental hospital for treatment. Realising that she might get better and spill the beans, Carlos decided to use Matano to get her out of the hospital.

Matano decided to kidnap Lorna’s doctor’s daughter in exchange for her freedom. Soon after he accomplished that, a heartless Carlos dropped Matano like a hot potato and warned him never to set foot in his house again.

Feeling used, Matano decided to investigate why Lorna is so important to his father. What Carlos doesn’t know is that Lorna is improving daily, can speak fluently, and her memory is returning. She even managed to convince Matano to steal her medical records from the hospital to destroy them in exchange for some vital information she is willing to share with him.  

Will she tell him the truth? Will it be enough to allow Matano to get back at Carlos? Be sure to follow the drama on #Kovu every Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm on DStv 163.