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Love triangles, revenge and betrayals – Kovu

30 August 2022
Drama as Alisa discovers Jaffer has a mistress and a child.
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What would you do if you discovered that your partner was having an affair? Do you think eliminating your partner would solve your love problems? This week on Kovu, Alisa found herself in this situation.

Alisa has a long-held secret that she has kept hidden from everyone including her husband for a long time. The secret involves Carlos Santana, a man with whom she was involved with long before she met her husband Jaffer. Alisa’s relationship with her husband Jaffer and her children has suffered, as a result of this dark secret. When she learned that Carlos was getting close to her children Roy and Ruby, she decided to confront him about it.

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Alisa snuck out of the house and drove straight to Carlos’ mansion where she sternly warned him to stay away from her children. Little did she know that her husband Jaffer had followed her there. Fearing that he would discover their secret and end their marriage, she grabbed a blunt rod and struck him until he was unconscious.

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Alisa was in for an even bigger shock. After she loaded her husband’s body into the boot of the car, she decided to take his phone. When she opened it, she found photos of Jaffer, his mistress and his daughter. Alisa, overcome with emotion, felt justified in killing Jaffer and proceeded to dig a grave in the forest and buried him.

What will happen when she returns home? What will she tell her children when they start asking for their father? Now that the mistress is in town, what will Alisa do when she comes knocking on her door to look for her partner?

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