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Joto la mapeni – Kovu

24 August 2021
Chaka steals Bi Ashura’s money and spends it on alcohol.
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When Bi Zena brought Bi Ashura into Chaka’s life she hoped that he would marry her, become more responsible, and settle down. But that didn’t happen.

Chaka tragically lost his wife and only son. He went into depression and started drinking heavily. Bi Zena was housing him with the hope that one day he will stand on his own two feet. When Bi Ashura came into Chaka’s life, she tried her best to ensure that he ate well, his clothes were ironed, and the house was clean. Just when they thought they had found a routine, Bi Zena fell sick and could not continue working.

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Since Chaka was unemployed and Bi Ashura was nursing Bi Zena, they could not afford to pay rent. Bi Zena suggested they move to the village until her condition improved. Sadly she did not recover and passed away, forcing Bi Ashura and Chaka to stay together.

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Left to pick up the pieces, Bi Ashura decided to take a loan from Shibe, her former boyfriend to start a business. She started selling coconuts to make ends meet while Chaka spent his days in Mangwe, the village drinking hole.

Just when Bi Ashura had saved enough money to pay Shibe back, Chaka found out where she had hidden it and stole it. He treated his friends at the local pub. Later when Shibe came to collect his money, Bi Ashura realised it was nowhere to be found. Shibe took all the stock Bi Ashura had as well as the firewood they were to use for cooking.

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What will Bi Ashura do to Chaka when he returns from his drinking spree? Be sure not to miss another captivating episode of Kovu every Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm only on DStv CH 163.