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Jaffer bribes Tasha – Kovu

03 December 2021
Will that be enough to keep her away from his family?
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News of Tasha’s arrival at Jaffer’s residence with her son was met with excitement by the whole family, especially Roy. She left after she fell pregnant and was engaged to be married to Roy. Her sudden departure left him devastated and it took some time to get over it.


Her return however was calculated especially since she teamed up with Linnet to bring Jaffer’s family down. Before she fell pregnant, Tasha got Jaffer drunk and slept with him. When she returned, she told Jaffer that Haze Junior is his and not Roy’s. Not wanting to disrupt his family's peace, Jaffer decided to pay her to leave.

Before he could do that, he had begged her not to tell his wife Alisa or his son Roy about the incident. However, Alisa overheard Tasha confirming that Jaffer was the father of her child and Alisa dropped the bombshell to Roy.


Jaffer, seeking to protect his image and family, decided to bribe Tasha to leave. Will that be enough to kick Tasha out of his life for good? Be sure to follow the drama on Kovu every weekday at 6:30 pm on DStv 163 and GOtv Supa 8 or catch them all on Showmax.