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Alisa runs away to the village – Kovu

07 December 2021
While Matano kidnaps Ruby.
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What would you do if you found out that your husband has fathered a child with your son’s girlfriend? Alisa found herself in this difficult position last week. She overheard Tasha speaking to herself saying that her son Haze Junior was Jaffer’s son. Overcome by emotions, Alisa stormed into the room and confronted Tasha, who neither confirmed nor denied the claims. Her husband too stood speechless which made Alisa even angrier.

She then packed her bags, phoned her sister Tiffa and told her she was coming to the village to cool down. Tiffa reluctantly agreed for her to come because she was in the middle of a massive plan that involved Alisa’s own daughter Ruby. She had instructed Matano to kidnap her from Carlos’s mansion but had to abort the mission. What Alisa does not know is that Tiffa is a dangerous woman living a lavish lifestyle and the mystery woman everyone has been searching for. In all the years that Alisa had known Tiffa, she knew that she was living a poor life in the village.

Tiffa had to quickly think of a way to convince her sister that she lives in the village. She headed to Mzee Masumbuko’s house in the village and forcefully took over his house. She threatened to poison all his livestock if he didn’t play along with her plan. When Alisa arrived, everything was set, and she didn’t suspect anything.  

Watch the moment here:

What will Tiffa do now that her mission has been delayed because of Alisa’s visit? Will Mzee Masumbuko reveal Tiffa’s real identity to Alisa? What will Roy do when he finds out that his father may be Tasha’s child’s father? Be sure to follow the drama every weekday at 6:30 pm only on DStv CH 163 and GOtv Supa CH 8.

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