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Get to know our detective duo – Crime and Justice

22 April 2022
Meet the engaging and identifiable lead characters.

Crime and Justice premiered on Maisha Magic Plus on Sunday 10 April. It’s a police procedural and legal drama and a Showmax original. It is set in Nairobi and stars Sarah Hassan (Makena) and Alfred Munyua (Silas) who play the lead detectives of the show.

Keen to get to know these men of the law better? Here’s a brief bio about the two main characters:

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Makena has just made Detective after years as a beat cop. She is very goal-oriented, with a desire to prove that she’s more than able to hold her own in a very male-dominated precinct and society. Makena’s laser-like focus and disregard for tradition puts her at odds with her fellow detectives, most notably Silas, her partner.

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Silas has been a Detective in Nairobi for over 15 years. He knows how the system works, has made several high-profile arrests, and is regarded favourably by his peers. Though some would say Silas is too “by the book,”, in reality, he is aware of the delicate power structure in Kenyan society and does his best to do all that can be done – which sometimes means looking the other way.

The premiere episode saw the detective duo investigate the gruesome murder of a pregnant university student who was entangled in an illicit affair with a powerful politician.

Watch the highlights here:

Catch new episodes of Crime and Justice on Maisha Magic Plus CH 163 and GOtv Supa CH 8 every Sunday at 8pm or stream them on Showmax.