Top ten Swahili movies of the year – Maisha Magic Movies #BestOf2022

01 December 2022
Escape to Tanzania and Kenya from the comfort of your couch this festive season.

Swahili, also known by natives as Kiswahili, is a language primarily spoken in Tanzania, Kenya, and Mozambique. The language combines Bantu languages, Arabic, Portuguese, English, and German. The Swahili film industry was established in 2001 and over the last few years has rapidly grown. The industry has coined the nicknames Swahiliwood and Bongowood for the industry, as a play on the word Hollywood.

Since the inception of Maisha Magic Movies in March 2020, our biggest goal has been to uplift local films within the East African film industry. This year we brought you award-winning films that could rival the international film market. Here is a list of our top Swahili movies to enjoy this festive season.

MONDAY 5 December
Kubali Yasha

Mbwende is an abusive husband to his wife and has been warned about this behaviour many times by his relatives. When he doesn’t change his ways, they finally decide to intervene.

WEDNESDAY 7 December
Toti & Tomi

Toti and Timo are two close friends who get  jobs at a rich man’s home and use their sallies to get two million for their new business

SATURDAY 10 December

This story follows the traditions and ways of life of the Masai tribe from Arusha, Tanzania.

THURSDAY 15 December
Mji wa Laana

An elderly man controlled by dark forces wants the villagers to marry off their children to him. If they should refuse, he vows to affect the whole village with magic.

TUESDAY 20 December
Boda Man

A motorbike (boda boda) driver's kindness puts him in a position where he is the only one who can assist a disturbed client on his way to work.

FRIDAY 23 December
Masumbuko Part 1 & 2

A well-educated man struggles to find a job and after a while, his girlfriend leaves him. He later finds work but forgets his struggles and becomes ungrateful.

SATURDAY 24 December

Kitego refuses to follow his traditional rituals as the first son of his parents and joins his wife in defying his mother. Watch to find out if his life will ever be the same again.

SUNDAY 25 December
This award-winning film follows the story of a thirteen-year-old deaf boy, Momburi, who attempts to reveal the truth about how his uncle sexually abused him.

TUESDAY 27 December
Baba Jinga

A man inherits a big amount of cash and decides to buy cattle with part of the money. He squanders the rest on women and entertainment.

SATURDAY 31 December
Ujana wa Moto

A group of excited youths finds themselves in trouble after they all contract an incurable disease. 

Remember that you can watch all these movies on DStv channel 141.