Maisha Magic Movies yaja na ‘Kanumba Festival’

11 August 2022
Kuonyesha filamu 45 za Kanumba
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For those who love the movies of the famous actor in the country, Stephen Kanumba will now have the chance to watch Kanumba movies again for three consecutive weeks from August 08 to August 31 this year in the channel Maisha Magic Movies - DStv 141.

Maisha Magic Movies has now come to you with the Kanumba Festival where it expects to show 45 Kanumba films that will be showing more than two films a day.

"We are doing this as one of the ways to educate Kanumba who was a film legend in this country and who until today has a lot of fans of his films," said the head of Maisha Magic Movies channel Barbara Kambogi

The development of film in the country received a great contribution from the late Steven Kanumba as he was able to take Bongo Movie outside of Tanzania including Nigeria when Nollywood was shining more and collaborated with great actors like Ramsey Noah, Mercy Johnson and Nancy Okeke.

"Kanumba's films are full of entertainment, education and comedy, leaving the viewer with the desire to watch every film he participated in. This is why Maisha Magic Movies has decided to bring you, its viewers, this ambitious Kanumba Festival entertainment so that you can enjoy it with your family," stressed Barbara.

He has named the films that will be shown in the show as Uncel JJ, From Dar to Lagos, Point of No Return, Sikitiko Langu, Love & Power, Johari, Wema, Stolen Will, She is My Sister and Fake Smile

Kanumba Festival officially starts from 08 August 2022 to 31 August 2022 from 05:00 am to 8 pm and repeats every Saturday and Sunday at 02:00 am on Maisha Magic Movies on DStv 141. To pay dial *150*53 # so that you can enjoy this ambitious entertainment within the Bomba package of sh. 19,900/= only.

It is almost a year now since the establishment of the beloved channel Maisha Magic Movies which is specific for East African movies. Since its inception, this channel has succeeded in creating a large market for our filmmakers in the country.

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