Kanumba Festival comes to Maisha Magic Movies this August!

04 August 2022
It has been 10 years since the untimely passing of Tanzania’s beloved actor Steven Kanumba.
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The loss of Steven Kanumba hit the hearts of many East African movie lovers. Many people know Kanumba as “Tanzania’s most popular actor”. He was born in Shinyanga, North Tanzania, and was the youngest child and only son in his family. 

Kanumba began his acting career in the early 1990s in his church productions. By 2002, he joined a theatre group, Kaole Arts Group, and from there appeared in the telenovelas Jahazi and Dira. These roles led him to appear in his first feature film, called Haviliki. By 2006, Kanumba was a household name and his career had expanded to West Africa, as he landed roles in several Nigerian movies. By 2009 he was featured as a guest celebrity in the popular reality show, Big Brother Africa

Kanumba was at the peak of his career when he passed away in 2012. We are grateful for all his work and talent that we can still appreciate today. Join us from 8 August for the Kanumba Festival, where we will be bringing you the best of Steven Kanumba’s movies, only on #MaishaMagicMovies, available on DStv channel 141 in Tanzania and Gotv channel 15 in Kenya and channel 311 in Uganda.

Kanumba Festival - Maisha Magic Movies

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