'Hold On'- The Reason We Love Ugandan Hottie Maurice Kirya

17 June 2015
Ugandan mentor Maurice Kirya applauding Richy's act

We loved his musical prowess on Maisha Superstar show and we love him even more for releasing a collection of heart warming tunes (..ladies). Yep, Maurice Kirya is definitely 'the package'.

“Hold On” – the third single off Kirya’s latest album: Mwooyo is OUT and we absolutely have fallen in love with it. When you listen to the song, you get that relaxing feel that you can only get when  you wear a warm pair of socks on a cold night or sip a delicious cup of hot cocoa on a chilly morning. Sigh!

The song is about a man who won’t relent at hard work despite challenges to make ends meet to support his family.

“Hold On” follows the overwhelming success of Kirya’s previous singles “Never Been Loved” and “Busaabala” off Mwooyo.

You can listen to it here: