East African filmmakers leaving their mark on the continent– MMMovies

29 September 2021
East Africa is blossoming in all areas and storytelling is one of those.
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Africa is a beautiful continent filled with incredible history, beautiful experiences and talented souls. The East side of the continent has been producing life-changing and touching stories.  

We have also seen some comedic presentations and documentaries that emerging East African directors are producing which only peaks our excitement for the future of the film industry in the region.  

We have therefore decided to introduce or should we say reintroduce some of these outstanding individuals who are driving the storytelling sphere forward and leaving their mark on the continent.  

Wanuri Kahiu @wanuri 

Kenyan born Wanuri Kahiu who was born in 1980, is an award-winning and dedicated female director whose film “Rafiki” was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018. Kahui has been busy creating more films with a new one titled “The Thing about Jellyfish” in the works which she is directing in Hollywood. She is also writing an animation film in conjunction with a South African Video Production company called Triggerfish. Wanuri is also in post-production for a feature-length documentary “WHO AM I?” which is based on UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Ger Duany.

Likarion Wainaina @likarion_w 

Likarion is a Kenyan filmmaker and director. He was born in Moscow, Russia but he now resides in Nairobi, Kenya where he is working as a director and cinematographer. He has worked on various tv shows and films such as Crime & Justice, a 2021 Showmax series, Supa Modo Film (Berlinale 2018) and Bait Short Film (Cannes 2016). One of his first films titled “Between the Lines” was the first Kenyan film to be projected on an IMAX screen in Kenya! He is also responsible for your much-loved Maisha Magic TV series, “Varshita”.  

Jim Chuchu @jimchuchu 

Jim Chuchu is a filmmaker, musician and visual artist living and working in Nairobi, Kenya. The short film which was his entry into the industry was premiered at the 2013 Durban Film Festival in South Africa. This was followed by an international premiere in Canada at the Toronto International Film Festival. The director is currently serving as a co-founding director of the Nest Collective where some of their current projects include an ongoing partnership in the International Inventories Programme which is invested in international research and has so far catalogued an inventory of 30,000 Kenyan cultural objects held in museums and public. We are in anticipation of stories developed from his current involvement in the art space that involves narratives of inclusivity.  

Seko Shamte @seko_shamte 

Seko Shamte is a Tanzanian film director, producer and writer who is currently putting her passion, talent and potential into building a world that is more “gender-equal”. She has directed films and documentaries such as “Mkwawa: Shujaa wa Mashujaa Hehe hero”, “Team Tanzania”, “Jikoni na Marion”, a television cooking show, “Home Coming”, “Mid Night” and her most recent film, “Binti”. “Binti”, a touching story about four women premiered at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles on this year’s International Women’s Day. 

We are looking forward to the expansion of the East Africa industry as more creatives emerge. Let us know which one of these directors’ films you look forward to watching on Maisha Magic Movies DStv CH 141 soon!