About: Varshita

02 November 2017
VARSHITA is a comedy set in the city, that delves into the traditional and cultural expectations the Bhatt’s, an Indian family, and the Wangombe’s a Kikuyu family have over their children and more so their relationships.
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Don and Varshita have been in a relationship for the past 10 years. For Varshita, the relationship has deliberately been kept secret from her very conservative Indian parents who would not condone nor even imagine their daughter dating a black Kenyan man.

Varshita is betrothed to Manish whose birth charts are perfectly aligned to make for a perfect marriage or so says Guruji. Manish, is an agreeable Indian man, from the right family and with more than enough wealth to make Varshita, According to Mrs. Bhatt ‘a very happy wife.’

The couple’s relationship however epitomizes everything wrong and unnatural in a relationship –literally. Whereas Don, the sworn life bachelor is a chilled-out tech-prenuer, Varshita is the loud dramatic, obsessive and a little unhinged former model, hung up on past glory. Her single most important mission in life is to get Don to marry her. The relationship runs the gambit between pathetic and tragic. With Dons friends trying to figure out whether Don is too lazy, weak of character or too terrified to leave Varshita.

Matters come to a head when later in the series, the Bhatt’s discover to their utter consternation/humiliation/ shock (insert necessary adjectives) that the reason their daughter has been postponing her wedding to Manish is because of her relationship with Donovan.

The situations the couple and their families find themselves in make for crazy but usually hilarious comedy, that makes the show, the ultimate text book example of dysfunctional families and a couple that should never have gotten together in the first place.

Catch Varshita every Saturday and Sunday at 7:30pm on Maisha Magic East, DStv Channel 158 and GOtv Channel 4. Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #Varshita.