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Chamsia achanganya mapenzi na kazi - Pazia

21 Juni 2023
Chamsia aanza ukaribu na bosi wake.

Having an affair with someone you work with can create challenges in the work environment. Chamsia finds herself mixing love and work after starting a relationship with her boss. Here are three reasons why it is advisable to avoid a romantic relationship with someone you work with.

Disrupting the work environment

A romantic relationship can cause a difficult environment at work. Feelings of jealousy and romantic tensions can destroy work relationships. Within Chamsia's company there are other workers who may dislike Chamsia more.

Mix things up

If you have a romantic relationship with someone you work with and things go wrong, you can bring domestic conflicts to work. If Chamsia quarrels with his boss at home, he can bring anger at home.

Losing a job

An affair with a co-worker can lead to an inability to take advantage of work opportunities for fear of damaging the relationship or mistrust. This can limit your ability to grow and succeed in your workplace. Right now, Chamsia has started a relationship with the boss and when things end, the boss can fire him.

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