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17 April 2023
For Yellowstone fans.
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If you’ve been swept up by the family drama in Yellowstone, you’ve just as likely been swept away by the breathtaking, mountainous landscapes of Montana, the state in which the show is set. The rest of season 5 has yet to be aired (not just here, but everywhere), which means we have to endure withdrawal symptoms comparable to those suffered between seasons 7 and 8 of Game of Thrones.

But there’s no need to rest on your laurels (or should that be boot spurs?), for there are many ways you can soak in the rich drama and beauty of Montana while you wait for the rest of season 5.

Watch: Yellowstone, 1883, and 1923
There have been 47 episodes of Yellowstone so far. With each episode clocking in at an average of 45 minutes, you’re looking at roughly 35 hours of television to get through, especially if you’ve only started watching recently – so you’ll be forgiven if you’re not all caught up. DStv has you sorted on that front with the first 4 seasons and the first 8 episodes of season 5 available on Catch Up.

If you’ve watched it all already, there’s the prequel series 1883 to tide you over, which has started on M-Net. Episodes will also be available on Catch Up after they’ve aired. In June, you can look forward to the following prequel series, 1923.

Read: The Power of the Dog
Take a break from all that television with a good book: one set in Montana, of course. The Power of the Dog was written by Thomas Savage and published in 1967. Savage was raised in Montana and spent many years living and working on ranches, experiences that inspired many of his books. His excellent novel The Power of the Dog is set on a ranch, so you’ll get a lot of the same cattle-rustling, horse-riding, whip-cracking drama you’ve come to know and love from Yellowstone. At the book’s core is a far more intimate tale, revolving around two brothers, a widow, and her young son, and the complicated and often harrowing ways their lives intertwine. There is an equally excellent film adaptation directed by Jane Campion, with powerhouse performances from its lead cast, which is an absolute must-watch.

Eat: Your ultimate Yellowstone watch party snack guide
Reading the book will inspire delicious menu ideas. The best part about them is that they’re unfussy and uncomplicated – so why not whip up plates of devilled ham sandwiches, pancakes, fried eggs, and coffee with cream for your next watching party? You can even make your watching party more intimate à la Rip and Beth and have your other half serve you Rip’s pancakes, inspired by the Native Americans’ fry bread.

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Montana is also well known for its beef and grain, so slap together some burgers or sizzle a steak – an idea so simple, you won’t even eat need your own personal Gator or an elaborate dining room table. Elk sausages may be a little difficult to come by, so toss in some kudu or eland biltong as an alternative. Trout, also popular in Montana, is easier to come by since we also enjoy a spot of fishing for it in our own mountainous regions in the Mpumalanga Highlands and the Drakensberg.

Serve with whiskey and wine and end with cinnamon rolls, a smoothie (two scoops of ice cream, three shots of vodka), and a big plate of cherries … just don’t put them in the salad.

Watch Yellowstone on DStv Catch Up here.
Watch 1883 every Thursday at 21:00 on M-Net channel 101 or catch up here.
1923 starts on Thursday 22 June at 21:00 on M-Net.

Feature image: Yellowstone season 1 and 2, food images from Getty