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5 Reasons to Watch Trackers

17 October 2019
Here's why you should be watching Trackers.
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In case you missed it, a thrilling new series is heading your way. Trackers, based on the book by Deon Meyer, starts next Sunday on M-Net and we’re bouncing off the walls with excitement.

Here’s why we think you should be watching too!

You’re a Deon Meyer Fan
Book lovers are the first to categorically state that “the movie/show is never as good as the book”, but they’re also likely the first to watch the adaptation. Just ask us! We absolutely adore The Handmaid’s Tale and its author Margaret Atwood, and have devoured every single season of the adaptation so far. Having read Trackers, and watched the whole show, we think fans will love the adaptation. It stays true to the action and thrills of the book without trying to rigorously stick to every single story beat and plot point. When it comes to adaptations, remaining faithful to the book is key, but trying to squash in every detail slackens pace and bogs down plot.  

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You’re a Crime Thriller Fan
You don’t need to be a Deon Meyer fan or even a book lover to enjoy the show. Genre fans will love the series. Whether you love crime shows, thrillers, or a combination of them, Trackers will keep you entertained. What makes it even better is that you can’t really compare it to anything else. It’s action-packed like Homeland, but less political. As dramatic as Chicago P.D. and as suspenseful as NCIS, but far grittier. In short, it’s fresh with new thrills and…

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It’s Local
Trackers is a South African story based on a South African book set in South Africa and filled with a South African cast. In lead roles. There’s plenty of local love in the show and we believe (in magic) and supporting local!

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You Love the Cast
This is a true ensemble cast, and you can’t really pinpoint a main character. What’s more, viewers – just like those behind the making of this story – will have different favourites, relate to certain characters more, and enjoy following one more than another. Of course, what might persuade some fans to choose their favourite over another is a certain bias if they’re longtime fans and followers of the cast  – whether it’s Rolanda Marais, Sisanda Henna, Sandi Schultz, or Thapelo Mokoena. But, trust us, they’re all amazing! From Trix Vivier’s feisty Flea to Emmanuel Castis’s surreptitious Suleiman, every actor will leave an impression on you.

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You’ve Seen the Ad (100 times)
You’ve seen the teasers and trailers so many times now, you see them in your sleep. But we’re just so excited about this show: for all the reasons we’ve provided above and so much more! There’s suspense, there’s action, there’s drama – even a sprinkle of well-placed humour – and we can’t wait for you to watch with us on M-Net.

Trackers starts on Sunday 27 October at 20:00 on M-Net channel 101.