the wild ones

The Wild Ones

the wild ones

A series of 12 episodes featuring locally produced stories of interesting animals in their natural habitat. From the heartwarming stories of a group of dedicated people caring for rhino orphans left behind by poaching, to the incredible team working behind the scenes of Africa’s premiere aquarium as they continue the legacy and prepare for the impending reopening of a major exhibit. See the difference people can make in safeguarding those under threat, from individual animals of great importance to entire species on the brink of extinction.

Wild & Alive Part 4 - Rhino Rescue Cote d'Ivoire

S1 | E12
29 July 15:55
'S1/E12 - Wild & Alive Part 4 - Rhino Rescue Cote d'Ivoire'. In the local wildlife series, South African veterinarian Wi...